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Sell Your Surplus Inventory to WTI Supply!

We offer an easy and hassle-free solution for your liquidation needs, including excess inventory, returns, and damaged goods. Our services are tailored to fit your specific needs, and we strive to maximize your financial recovery on inventory.
We provide fixed prices for your inventory, eliminating the uncertainty of auction-based sales. Once we agree on a recovery price, all truckloads of merchandise we receive are charged at that rate, ensuring predictable revenue for your business.

Simplify your liquidation process with WTI Supply!

We pay our suppliers based on agreed prices in advance, so you can issue a final invoice at the beginning of the process. You don’t have to send your products in consignments, and you can remove inventories from your accounting faster.
We work with your logistics company or provide regular schedules for transport. Our proprietary software enables us to build thematic lots to suit your specific needs, including destroying or recycling specific items, returning retailer’s brand, or manifesting and disposing of dangerous material.
Contact WTI Supply today to discuss how we can help with your surplus inventory liquidation needs.

Sell to Us

If you have the following you are looking to get rid of please email our support team today.
We pay top dollar, can arrange pick up and can remove the items in a timely fashion.
Help your business clear up some space, or earn some extra income today by taking advantage of our various recycling services.

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